Serving the power transmission, oil, and automotive sectors, among many others, Accurate Specialties is proud to offer cutting-edge gear blank manufacturing capabilities; as a full-service bronze foundry, we offer a range of services, including chill casting, centrifugal casting, spun-cast gear blank manufacturing, continuous casting, and shaft manufacturing.

We’ve recently added two new items to our product line — tension brakes and industrial brake and clutch assemblies.

Tension Brakes

industrial tension brake

  • Specialty brakes composed of 3 main parts:
    • Composite rotors
    • Friction compound brake pad assembly
    • Tension brake calipers
  • Rotors weigh up to 60% less and cost up to 30% less than bronze assemblies
  • Enhanced thermal conductivity providing better heat dissipation
  • Extended operating life with reliable, smooth braking
  • Ideal for heavy-use applications, such as construction reel trailers

Friction Brake Pads

industrial friction material tension brake

  • Consistent stopping power
  • Quiet operation
  • Can withstand high heat
  • Environmentally friendly

Composite Brake Rotors

  •  Lightweight composite material comprised of
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
  • Combination of ceramic surface coatings improves coefficient of friction

Industrial Brake and Clutch Assemblies

friction materials

  • Custom-designed in various rotor/disc material compositions, including:
    • Aluminum/bronze
    • Aluminum/carbon fiber
    • Aluminum/ceramic
  • Wet or dry friction brakes and clutches available
  • Ultra-light clutch and brake products available
  • Application-specific protective coatings
  • Common industry applications include:
    • Aerospace & defense
    • Electronics
    • Agriculture
    • Medical
    • Utility Construction
    • Food processing
    • Power Generation
    • Papermaking & printing

For more information on Accurate Specialties industrial brake line, download the ebook today!

In-House Development and Testing

  • Accurate Specialties and parent company, Fisher Barton, provide product development capabilities with advanced Fives Giddings & Lewis VTC (vertical turning center) 2500 machine and CNC machining center
  • Industry experience in assisting customers with ideal alloy or material selection for specific applications
  • In-house testing capabilities with access to cutting-edge facilities, such as world-class Material Analysis Laboratory: Fisher Barton Technology Center, providing a huge selection of research materials and testing equipment:
    • SEM Microscopes
    • X-ray fluorescence/ X-ray diffraction spectrometers
    • Glow discharge optical emission spectrometers
    • Newly developed laser technology
  • The laboratory allows for testing of material characteristics, including:
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Fatigue resistance
    • Sensitivity to impact
  • In-house development and testing capabilities allow Fisher Barton and the team at Accurate Specialties to produce innovative products and meet all types of application requirements

As America’s leading bronze gear blank manufacturer, we’re proud to provide comprehensive design, alloy selection, casting, and machining services for a range of industries and applications. To learn more about our bronze casting capabilities or discuss options for your specific needs, request a quote today and a team member will be in touch shortly.