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  1. Materials Spotlight: Aluminum Bronze 954 & 955

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    Accurate Specialties, Inc. is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered full-service bronze foundry that manufactures bronze gear blanks. Our full-service process includes many steps such as design assistance, alloy selection, casting, and machining. We create customized bronze gear blanks for corporations and facilities across North America, specializing in the following industries:

    • Centrifugal Casting
    • Chill Casting
    • Continuous Casting
    • Spuncast Composite (iron under Bronze) Gear Blanks

    Depending on the specifications of the industry and the application, customers can specify specific bronze alloys or our design specialists can suggest an alloy for different designs. Some of the most common standard bronze alloys we use to craft and machine gear blanks include manganese bronze alloys, tin bronze alloys, and aluminum bronze alloys—e.g., aluminum bronze C-955 and aluminum bronze C-954.

    Aluminum Bronze C-954 Available for Manufacturing

    Aluminum bronze C-954 is a sturdy, versatile alloy that can be used to cast a wide range of designs and components across different industries. The material is well-known for being abrasion-resistant, which is essential when the part comes into contact with other components.

    Parts made of C-954 experience less wear and friction, as well as demonstrate a lowered risk of seizing in systems that use this material in contact with dissimilar metals. This alloy also resists cavitation and deformation under high loads and is extremely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, including corrosion due to atmospheric conditions and exposure to seawater. These characteristics make it an ideal alloy for use in the aerospace, marine, oil and gas, and transportation industries.

    Aluminum bronze 954 is also popular for manufacturing applications because it is highly weldable and machinable without losing tensile or yield strength. It is a top choice for many parts, designs, and applications that need to be both durable and affordable. Some of the most common commercial and industrial component manufacturing applications for 954 include:

    • Bearings
    • Bushings
    • Gears, such as high strength, low operating speed, worm-type, and spur-type gears
    • Pickling hooks and baskets
    • Valve components

    What to Know About Aluminum Bronze C-955

    Aluminum bronze C-955 is another popular bronze alloy that is strong, resistant to corrosion, and can be used to cast custom designs. Although similar to C-954 in most other respects, this alloy contains nickel, which strengthens and hardens the material. Some of the other benefits of C-955 also includes:

    • Ease of use in soldering and arc welding fabrication processes
    • High levels of tensile and yield strength
    • Resistance to heat
    • Long-lasting toughness without degradation due to environmental conditions

    These characteristics make it an ideal alloy for industrial environments that require parts capable of handling high loads and high levels of shock or impact without cracking or weakening. Finding application in a wide range of industries, this material is commonly used for the following components:

    • Agitators
    • Bushings
    • Gears
    • Gun coil mechanisms
    • Landing gear parts
    • Pickling hooks and baskets
    • Seats in aircraft engines
    • Valve guides

    Contact Accurate Specialties

    Aluminum bronze C-954 and C-955 share many of the same characteristics and potential applications. However, determining the optimal bronze alloy to use for a component can depend on the nature of the custom design and the work environments the components are designed for.

    Accurate Specialties prides itself on casting and machining bronze gear blanks that precisely match our clients’ designs and needs every time. We offer fast production lead times for high-quality parts, cutting edge production systems, and responsive customer service. To learn more about aluminum bronze 954 and 955, contact us today or submit the details of your project and request a quote.