Accurate Specialties, Inc. is the #1 manufacturer of spuncast composite gear blanks in the industry. Our composite gears give you the strength and durability of bronze while saving material costs with cast iron or steel center hubs. This unique process gives you superior performance and quality, with significant cost reduction. Bi-metal bronze gears are ideal for almost any application.

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Bronze Gear Blanks

Our spuncast composite gear blanks consist of a bronze rim surrounding to a solid cast iron or steel hub. These hubs are specially designed with lugs that are filled during the casting process by the molten bronze that makes up the gear tooth portion of the gear blank. Because bronze shrinks at a greater rate than cast iron and steel as it cools, the bronze mechanically attaches itself to the hub, creating a nearly unbreakable bond.

Bronze Gear Blank Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process, our bi-metal bronze gears are spun in dies. This draws all impurities to collect into special risers built into the designs. These risers are then machined off, removing the imperfections and resulting in completed composite gears with outstanding material purity and consistent weight and density throughout, for optimum performance.

Using bronze for only the critical gear tooth portion of the component—where the teeth will be hobbed in—Accurate Specialties’ spuncast composite gear blanks save you money on material costs. As bronze is considerably more expensive than steel and cast iron, using these materials for center hubs generates significant savings. And, by eliminating the need for spacers, composite gears further reduce material costs and the need for extra assembly processes.

Accurate Specialties’ manufacturing capabilities enable us to create bi-metal bronze gears in a range of sizes and configurations for any application. Working from your designs, we can produce gear blanks that will match your exact specifications.

Bronze Gear Blank Delivery Process

We deliver completely machined and ready-to-hob composite gear blanks. We turn, broach, and finish all other necessary machining processes short of cutting gear teeth, saving you time and money. We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment to ensure precision and repeatability. Our in-house spectrographic analysis assures that all materials used meet the highest quality standards.

Our bi-metal bronze gears deliver an ideal balance of performance and cost-efficiency. Contact Accurate Specialties today to put our expert team to work on your project, or to learn more about our composite gear blanks.