Accurate Specialties, Inc. is North America’s leading manufacturer of bronze gear blanks for power transmission applications in all industries. Our expertise and production capabilities enable us to manufacture bronze gear blanks, bronze sector gears, composite-bronze gear blanks, and more, in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any application.

img-product-header-1We manufacture bronze gear blanks to match customers’ exact specifications. Working from your designs, we create gear blanks that adhere to extremely tight tolerances and deliver superior durability and wear resistance. Accurate Specialties produces:

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We have the capabilities, technology, and experienced staff required to cast gear blanks in sizes from 1″ in diameter up to 50″, in low quantities or numbers in the thousands. To ensure that proper ratios and tolerances are adhered to in our manufacturing processes, we make over 99% of our casting dies in-house.

We manufacture our gear blanks from standard 907 bronze and a number of other bronze alloys, giving you material options to meet the needs of your specific application. In-house spectrographic analysis ensures that all materials used meet the highest standards of quality.

Accurate Specialties also offers a number of secondary services to deliver fully machined, ready-to-hob gear blanks that meet your unique requirements. We can cut keyways, drill holes, and more. We also offer Kanban programs to better serve our customers’ inventory needs. And, we reclaim scrap bronze for later re-use and pass the cost savings this generates on to you.

Bronze gear blanks are what we do, and we do them better than anyone else in the industry. Contact Accurate Specialties to get our team started on your project, or for additional information.

Advantages of High-Quality Gear Blanks

The key to producing high-quality gears is using high-quality blanks. Before the gear fabrication process starts, the gear blanks need to have the basic shape of the gear, including its maximum dimensions, axis, and mounting faces (or shoulders). Gear blanks that are not consistent with the intended gear design make it more difficult for gear manufacturers to produce precise and accurate parts, as well as negatively influence the quality and performance of the end product. Given these considerations, it is essential to invest in high-quality gear blanks tailored to your exact specifications.

High-quality gear blanks offer both better manufacturability and reliability. As the components are generally tailored to the gear design, operators do not need to perform as much correction before creating the detailed features, which facilitates less wasteful, more efficient and cost-effective machining operations. Additionally, high-quality blanks typically use higher purity, better quality materials, allowing for greater confidence in the performance of the finished gear.

Applications of High-Quality Gear Blanks

Gear manufacturers use gear blanks to produce most types of gears, such as:

  • Bevel gears
  • Helical gears
  • Miter gears
  • Spur gears
  • Worm gears 

Every application that requires high-quality gears with reliable performance benefits from having high-quality gear blanks. Some of the most common applications for gear blanks include:

  • Power transmission equipmentA variety of power transmission equipment uses gears, including speed-reducer gearboxes and other systems. As these machines heavily rely on gears for their operation, investing in high-quality blanks is essential. At Accurate Specialties, we offer complete, ready-to-hob gear blanks in a variety of sizes to meet any power transmission requirement.
  • Oil processing equipment.Gears find application in several different types of equipment used in oil refineries and other facilities along the oil supply chain, such as drills, pumps, and trucks. From small to 50 inches in diameter and 2,500 lbs. in weight, we can produce high-strength, high-performance gear blanks in any size for oil industry equipment.
  • Machines/machine tools:In machining equipment, gears must withstand heavy loads and provide adequate resistance to minimize backlash. These requirements demand the use of heavy-duty, high-performance materials. Our bronze gear blanks stand up to the challenge.
  • Marine equipmentAs with power transmission gears, marine gears require long-lasting, reliable performance. They are commonly used for transmission systems, cable and winch systems, bilge and water pumps, and more.
  • AutomobilesAutomobiles employ gears in several different systems, including the steering mechanism, gearbox, and transmission. We offer centrifugal cast bronze gear blanks, chill cast gear blanks, and spuncast composite gear blanks for use in these applications.

Why Turn to Accurate Specialties for Gear Blanks?

As indicated above, to manufacture high-quality gears, you need high-quality gear blanks. As such, finding an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of gear blanks is important.

As North America’s leading bronze gear blank manufacturer, we have the skills and knowledge to provide custom-tailored gear blanks for any application. By choosing to work with us, our customers experience the following advantages:

  • Engineering design assistance. We offer our customers design assistance services to facilitate the production of a high-quality gear blank that meets their exact needs.
  • Better project monitoring. By practicing integrated and responsive manufacturing, we streamline the production process and give customers more control and insight over it.
  • Higher quality. We take pride in every product we produce. To ensure the quality and performance of your gear blanks, our expert engineers can assist with designing, material selection, casting, and machining.
  • Cost savings. Using one manufacturer for multiple services throughout the production of products saves time and money by reducing transportation costs, errors, and miscommunications. Our casting methods also decrease the number of components needed for a finished part.

To support our gear blank casting services, we also employ a state-of-the-art Fives Giddings & Lewis vertical turning center. This machine allows us to offer several value-added services to help bring gear blanks from design to finished product, including:

  • Circular and helical interpolation
  • Grinding
  • Hard turning
  • Hole drilling and tapping (including weight reduction holes)
  • Machining of high precision face features and contours
  • Plunge milling

Methods and Materials

Gear blanks are manufactured using a variety of different methods. At Accurate Specialties, we employ several gear blank forging processes to create custom bronze gear blanks for our customers, including:

  • Centrifugal castingDuring this casting process, the casting die spins at extremely fast speeds, generating centrifugal force and pressure 60 times that of gravity to force the imperfections and impurities out of the casting metal. This early preventative work reduces material weaknesses and breakage risks.
  • Chill castingChill casting operations involve pouring the metal into low-temperature die casts. In this casting process, the outer casting material hardens first with the remaining material cooling in the same “direction,” producing a blank with a more uniform grain structure.
  • Continuous castingContinuous casting is suitable for producing gear blanks with more unique design shapes. The molten material flows through a graphite mold that shapes the cast part’s edges into the desired form. By using continuous casting processes, companies benefit from having metals with grain patterns that largely match the final shape of the piece and have greater material strength.
  • SpuncastingOur spuncast composite gears are made of two metals: bronze and cast iron or steel. Both materials are cast simultaneously with the bronze forming a shell or skin around the other metal. As bronze shrinks faster than cast iron and steel, it forms a strong bond with the core metal.

Regardless of which casting method you choose to manufacture your bronze gear blanks, it’s essential to start with the right materials. If needed, our experts can help you determine which one is ideal for your unique application. We have experience working with a number of bronze alloys, such as:

  • Manganese bronze (862 and 863)
  • Tin bronze (907 and 917)
  • Aluminum bronze (954 and 955)

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Gear blanks significantly affect the manufacturability and quality of the final gear product. With these considerations in mind, it is important to invest in high-quality gear blanks to ensure efficient production and optimal performance.

As North America’s leading manufacturer of bronze gear blanks, Accurate Specialties can deliver the ideal gear blank solution for your needs. From initial design and material selection to casting and machining, our expert team is here to help you throughout the production process and ensure you receive high-quality products tailored to your specifications.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system and continual improvement philosophy allow us to continue to develop our operations. As our customers’ needs change and grow, we evolve to meet them so we can continue to provide the highest quality products and services.

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