The Bronze Worm Gear Manufacturing Process Begins with Great Gear Blanks!

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Since the late 1980s, Accurate Specialties, Inc. has become┬áNorth America’s leading manufacturer of bronze gear blanking. We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer and our cutting-edge horizontal and vertical turning centers allows us to produce bronze gear blanks with high precision and quality. Accurate Specialties is a full-service bronze foundry that offers clients the following competitive […]

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Applications for Spuncast Composite Gear Blanks

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Accurate Specialties is the leading manufacturer of spuncast composite gear blanks. Our spuncast gears deliver the durability and strength of bronze gears while cutting material costs via the use of steel or cast-iron center hubs. Our process and material choices offer the high level of quality and performance you expect at a much lower price […]

How to Make Bronze for Worm Gear Applications

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A worm gear is a mechanical arrangement consisting of a spiral-threaded shaft butted against a toothed wheel, resembling a standard spur gear. The threaded shaft, also known as a worm, acts as the driving element, imparting motion to the wheel as the rotational power from the worm is transferred in a 90o plane. Worm gears […]

Applications for Bronze Alloys

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At Accurate Specialties, Inc. (ASI) we work to satisfy our customer requests and design specifications using optimal alloys to cast a wide range of bronze gears and composite gears for a comprehensive array of applications. We work with numerous bronze alloys, each delivering desired advantages for particular operations. Our expertise guides clients in selecting the […]

Vertical Centrifugal Casting

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The techniques used to mold and shape metals have evolved significantly over the centuries. Forging, sand casting (static casting), and rolled and welded procedures are just some of the traditional methods used to manufacture metal parts and components. However, there are many applications where these fabrication methods are either unsuitable or inefficient. The centrifugal casting […]


Accurate Specialties visit from 33rd Assembly District Representative Kapenga

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(July 26, 2012) Accurate Specialties Inc., a composite gear manufacturing company and one of eight subsidiaries of The Fisher Barton Group, hosted a visit from State Representative Chris Kapenga and fellow campaign supporters on Thursday, July 26, 2012. Representative Kapenga chose the 33rd District Fisher Barton location to announce his candidacy for the State Senate, […]