Accurate Specialties, Inc. provides precision machining services using our state-of-the-art Fives Giddings & Lewis VTC (Vertical Turning Center) 2500. This machine tool is powerful, versatile, and highly accurate, with a large-capacity work envelope (2.5m/8ft x 1m/3.25ft).


Accurate Specialties acquired this VTC to facilitate the continued growth of our large centrifugal bronze gear blank product line. We can also use this machine to service outsource large turning requirements for iron, steel, stainless steel, and other turned materials.

Built in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the Giddings & Lewis VTC 2500 utilizes live tooling to provide high precision face features and contours, drilled and tapped holes, grooves, and weight reduction holes.

2500 VTC Series, Fixed Rail Specifications


Additional High Precision Features:

  • Hydrostatic ram provides stiffness for greater accuracy, better surface finishes, and heavy cuts
  • Linear scale rail leveling and locating for superior precision
  • Very large turning capacity for efficient machining of oversize components
  • Four axis machining for complex, tight tolerance products
  • Can perform plunge milling, helical interpolation, grinding, and hard turning with exceptional precision
  • Circular Interpolation

For more information on Accurate Specialties’ bronze gear manufacturing capabilities, including the new VTC machine, please contact Accurate Specialties’ Sales Manager Steve Friedrich via email at sales@accuratespecialties.com, or call 262-547-5450.

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