If your power transmission equipment requires specialized, hard-to-find, or custom bronze gear blanks, you’ve come to the right place. Accurate Specialties, Inc., specializes in manufacturing bronze gear blanks and we consistently deliver high quality, custom-specified gears that meet or exceed customer expectations.

img-accurate-specialties-powerCommonly used in speed-reducer gear boxes and other gear-drive systems, our bronze gear blanks are available in sizes from very small to very large to meet the needs of any power transmission application

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The Accurate Advantage

Accurate Specialties delivers complete, ready-to-hob gear blanks. Our precision manufacturing capabilities enable us to create centrifugal cast bronze gear blanksspuncast composite gear blanks, chill cast bronze gear blanks, continuous cast bar blanks, and shafts that match your exact specifications.

We work with a number of common and specialty bronze alloys, and can assist you in selecting the ideal material for your unique application. Commonly specified bronze alloys include:

Specialty or “custom” alloys are available upon request. Contact us with specialty alloy requirements.

Power Transmission Applications

Our custom bronze gear blanks can be used in a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Elevators & escalators
  • Mining equipment
  • Center point irrigation systems
  • Hoists & cranes
  • CAT scanner positioning systems
  • Milling & manufacturing equipment
  • Screw conveyors/augers
  • Solar panel positioning
  • and many others

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