Accurate Specialties, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of bronze gear blanks. We create custom gear blanks that match the exact design specifications of our customers. Our gear blanks are commonly utilized in a number of marine industry applications.

img-accurate-specialties-marineWe manufacture centrifugal cast bronze gear blanks, spuncast composite gear blanks, chill cast bronze gear blanks, continuous cast bar blanks, and shafts for use in power transmission systems and gearboxes. These devices can be part of boat lifts for private docks and commercial marinas, cable and winch systems for positioning docked barges and other ships during loading and unloading, bilge pumps, water pumps, and many other applications.

Our precision manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce bronze gear blanks that meet or exceed the requirements of any customer design. We work with a variety of bronze alloys and can help you determine the proper material for your needs. Accurate Specialties delivers complete, ready-to-hob gear blanks.

We are your number one source for bronze gear blanks for marine applications. Contact Accurate Specialties today to put our team to work on your project.