Accurate Specialties Spun Cast Composite design can be found in machine tools, and rotary or indexing tables on machine tools.

Aircraft These units are under heavy loads yet must be precise, with rotational accuracy of 30 arc-seconds. Backlash is held to a minimum to maintain accuracy, and Accurate Specialties has custom-engineered bronze alloys to handle the load and wear while providing sheer resistance in minimal backlash environments. The worm is hardened (carburized) steel, which has proven a good mate for worm gears made using our engineered bronze alloy spun cast composite design.

Our customers’ products are constructed of heavy-duty materials and designed for decades of dependable day-in, day-out operation. ASI’s custom engineered spun cast composite bronze worm gears are critical components of our customers’ machine tools and rotary tables. ASI’s quality engineered designs ensure many years of smooth, accurate, and bind-free operation without concern for screws backing out or movement between assembled components.