Accurate Specialties, Inc. manufactures superior quality bronze gear blanks. Our gear blanks are made to match the unique specifications of our customers’ designs. They are useful for a wide range of automotive industry applications.


Our centrifugal cast bronze gear blanks and spuncast composite gear blanks can be used in steering mechanisms, gear boxes, and gear-drive power transmission applications. Our chill cast gear blanks can be made as sector gears for steering mechanisms and a range of specialized uses. Accurate Specialties’ gear blanks deliver exceptional strength and performance.

We manufacture our bronze gear blanks to meet our customers’ exact requirements. We produce gears in sizes up to 50 inches in diameter and from standard 907 bronze or a variety of bronze alloys. Our team will work with you to determine the ideal material for the needs of your project. We provide complete, ready-to-hob gear blanks for automotive applications.

Our precision manufacturing processes produce the finest bronze gear blanks in the industry. Contact Accurate Specialties today for the bronze gear blanks your automotive components need.