Accurate Specialties, Inc. offers an array of alternative casting methods aimed at getting our customers the lowest cost solution. Parts made from Continuous Cast Bar may be the right choice in some cases. This method is most competitive when applied to simple, low feature gear blank designs having demand of 1000 pieces per year or more.

The continuous cast process allows for part-specific casting. This means that if a part has a unique shape, like a sprocket, that shape can be continuous cast into the raw material, providing a “near net” shape. For example the bar can be cast with ID splines or OD shape profile.

Continuous cast alloys are produced by flowing batches of molten bronze alloy through a graphite mold which cools into in 12’ (typical) tubes or bars. The material has favorable mechanical properties, good distribution of alloying agents, and offers friction, wear and machinability properties well suited for worm gear and other applications. At ASI, we employ a high-speed Tsune CNC production saw to cut lengths of bar into pucks which then get lathe-turned into gear blanks or shafts. This process flow coupled part orders of 500 –10,000+ allows us to cut and turn parts very competitively. If a blanket order can be issued, we can stockpile bar and operate on very short lead time, 1-3 weeks typical.

The process is very competitive when applied to high volume low feature parts.


  • High quantity
  • Few features
  • Thin cylindrical shape


  • Gear blanks
  • Bar shafts
  • Machined components
  • Rollers
  • Pulleys
  • Bushings
  • Jack Screw Nuts
  • Etc…

Accurate Specialties is your number one source for superior quality continuous cast bar blanks. Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you, or for more information on our continuous casting processes and products.