To achieve greater uniformity and a finer grain structure in gear blanks, Accurate Specialties Inc. uses a special form of bronze alloy casting known as chill casting. This process allows us to produce gear blanks that require less machining and are therefore more cost effective for our customers.

Our world-class manufacturing capacity allows us to produce chill-cast bronze gear blanks in all shapes and sizes according to our clients’ design specifications. Along with producing near–net-shaped gear blanks, we incorporate precision CNC machining services for keyway cutting, and we also provide our customers with ready-to-hob gear blanks.

What Is Chill Casting?

When chill casting, workers pour molten alloys into a steel or aluminum die base. Because the die base is significantly cooler than the poured metal, the alloy rapidly “freezes,” chilling from the outside inward. Referred to as directional cooling, this process results in a finer grain structure and exceptional uniformity in the finished product.

Metalworkers most commonly use chill casting to form nonferrous billets and ingots. In these applications, this process yields several advantages over sand casting:

  • Direct chill casting allows you to retain the mold after use
  • Chill-cast materials solidify much faster than those created using other means
  • Chill casting produces a tighter material structure in the finished product, resulting in products that are less porous, more accurate, and of higher quality than those created via other methods

Accurate Specialties uses chill casting to produce bronze gear blanks that incorporate these benefits. Most often, this method is applied to non-symetrical shapes such as sector gears.  These advantages reduce product costs, shorten turnaround times, and reduce machining.

Gear Blank Manufacturing

Workers prepare gears for machining by starting with a gear blank, usually a turned casting or forging.

Forging uses thermal and mechanical forces to alter the shape of solid material into the desired conformations. The metallurgical and crystallization processes that occur during heating and forming strengthen or temper the metal, making it stronger and less porous. Steel and steel alloys are among the most common materials used in this process.

On the other hand, casting refers to the process by which workers pour molten material into die bases and allow it to harden into the desired shape. This process enables the production of components that are large, intricately detailed, complicated in design, or otherwise unsuited for forging. Casting also allows metalworkers to use a larger range of alloy choices, and finished products tend to require less tooling.


Accurate Specialties produces a range of solid bronze and composite worm gear blanks for North American markets. We’ve focused on developing top-quality bronze gear blanks for the last 25 years, and our products have gone on to see uses in a wide range of industries.

At Accurate Specialties, we can:

  • Produce gear blanks from 1” to 50” in diameter
  • Cast pour weights of up to 6,000 lbs.
  • Use our in-depth knowledge of the broad range of bronze alloys that we stock to find the perfect metal for your needs
  • Perfect designs and metal compositions in our state-of-the-art materials lab
  • Perform a wide range of CNC machining processes

We produce industry-leading centrifugal-cast, chill-cast, and spuncast composite gear blanks, and we’ve also perfected the design of continuous cast bar blanks and shafts. Accurate Specialties provides components for a wide variety of applications in industries including:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Power transmission
  • Marine manufacturing
  • Tooling production
  • Oil drilling

What Can Accurate Specialties Do for You?

We produce top-of-the-line chill-cast gear blanks for the industrial sector. Our high-precision capabilities allow us to produce near–net-shape gear blanks that require less machining than those built with other processes, cutting down your overall costs. In addition, we use CNC machining to produce the highest-quality finish, and we employ keyway cutting to provide you with ready-to-hob gear blanks that meet the unparalleled precision and repeatability your products need.

Request a quote from Accurate Specialties or contact us for more information on chill casting bronze gear blanks.




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