Accurate Specialties, Inc. is the industry leader in chill cast gear blank manufacturing. This manufacturing process leads to superior quality products with very fine grain structures. These one-piece, solid bronze gear blanks can be cast in a range of different shapes, including sector gears and other asymmetrical designs.

The chilled casting process involves pouring molten bronze into a steel or aluminum die base. The die is at a significantly lower temperature than the bronze material, and so the bronze begins to rapidly “freeze” from the outside in. The end result of the fast, directional cooling process is a bronze gear blank with fine grain structure and outstanding uniformity throughout.

Our world-class manufacturing capabilities enable us to create chill cast bronze gear blanks in many sizes. Based on your designs, we will create chilled castings that match your exact specifications. We work with a number of bronze alloys and will work with you to determine the best material for your application.

Accurate Specialties’ chill cast bronze gear blanks can be produced at near-net-shape, to reduce machining needs and lower cost. We offer secondary services such as keyway cutting, and more to deliver completely machined, ready-to-hob gear blanks, saving you additional time and money. Our precision CNC machining processes guarantee unparalleled precision and superb repeatability.

We can manufacture the bronze gear blanks you need in very low numbers up to quantities in the thousands. We offer Kanban programs to better serve your inventory needs.

The chill casting process is best suited for applications demanding 2,000+ pieces per year. This is because there is substantial upfront tooling investment.