One faulty part can destroy a gearbox or leave a drawbridge half-opened. Manufacturers in advanced industries like yours need high performance parts. Our bronze gear blanks are so precise they often exceed our customers’ expectations.

img-centrifugal-cast_-bronze-gear-blanksAccurate Specialties, Inc. is the industry’s leading manufacturer of centrifugal cast bronze gear blanks. Our centrifugal castings are specified for thousands of applications due to their superior strength and high-end performance.

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Centrifugal Casting Process

Our centrifugal casting process produces bronze gear blanks with extremely high purity levels and finer, denser grain structure. By spinning the casting die at high speeds which produce pressure up to 60 times the force of gravity, all imperfections and impurities are forced into a center riser area. When cooled, the center riser material is machined out, and the resulting part is free of shrinkage cavities, gas pockets, and blowholes.

Advantages of Centrifugal Castings

Centrifugal casting ensures that the material will be uniform in purity, weight, density, and quality throughout. This manufacturing method also produces bronze gear blanks with the strongest material at the outer edge, leading to gear teeth that can withstand exceptionally high levels of strain, shear-stress, and overload without fracturing.

Bronze Castings

All of Accurate Specialties’ centrifugal castings are made from solid bronze—we work with standard 907 bronze and many other bronze alloys to give you the material option that best fits your application. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to produce cast bronze parts that match your exact designs. We can manufacture small to large centrifugal gears, in sizes from 2″ to 50″ in diameter, and up to 5,000 lbs. We can produce bronze gear blanks in quantities from one-offs into the thousands.

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Uses for Bronze Gear Blanks

Bronze gear blanks are integral parts in gearboxes, power transmission systems, jack screws and other gear-drive systems. We cast bronze parts for the marineautomotiveoil, machine tool, and power transmission industries.

The Accurate Advantage: Full-Service Gear Blank Manufacturing

We provide a number of secondary services to save you time and money:

  • Sophisticated CNC machining: We offer a variety of precision CNC machining processes, with tolerances as tight as 0.0005″, to deliver completely machined, ready-to-hob bronze gear blanks.
  • Inventory control systems: We offer Kanban programs to meet your inventory needs.
  • Design engineering assistance: To help you produce the best possible part, our team of engineers is prepared to help you refine your designs for top-flight performance.
  • Alloy selection: In addition to design assistance, we can further help you improve your designs by helping you choose the bronze alloy best suited for your application.


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