Accurate Specialties, Inc. has a long history of success in manufacturing bronze gear blanks and components for power transmission applications.

Our centrifugal cast gear blanks, chill cast gear blanks, spuncast composite gear blanks, continuous cast bar blanks, and shafts have proven effective in a wide range of uses, from irrigation systems to conveyor belts to mining equipment and everything in between.

Does a Composite Make Sense for You?

A $1B industrial equipment manufacturer was on a cost savings mission for an assembled worm gear that was ripe for simplification. The assembled worm gear design and eight design variations thereof are found in the majority of the 10,000-12,000 units of new industrial equipment manufactured every year at their factory in the Western United States. The prior assembled worm gear technology started with a hub turned from solid 12L14 steel bar stock and continuously cast bronze tube stock. Read more HERE.

Sector Gears for Motorcycle Steering Systems

ASI was approached by a gear box manufacturing company with a one-of-a-kind project. They needed a special sector gear for use in the steering system of a distinctive new style of motorcycle. Because of their design, these motorcycles require computer-aided power steering, which transmits power through worm gears.

The unique nature of these worm gear boxes presented a new challenge for Accurate Specialties. After reviewing the designs, we determined that new, specialized equipment was required. We quickly obtained the necessary equipment and started production. To date, we have manufactured over 10,000 gear blanks for the company. Production will continue for the foreseeable future, thanks to the sales success of the new motorcycles.

The quality and precision of our sector gears led the company to order other, similar worm gears for steering boxes in side-by-side ATVs built by the same corporation that produces the motorcycles.

Servo Motor Gears for UAVs

For over a decade, Accurate Specialties has been working with a supplier to an aviation manufacturing company that produces unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the U.S. government. These drone planes use a wholly different set of controls than traditional aircraft do, and so require specialized parts and components.

We manufacture bronze gear blanks for servo motors in these UAVs. These servos control the aircrafts’ landing gear, ailerons, rudder controls, and more. Because of the precise control needed to fly these planes, the gears we produce need to be of utmost precision. Our gear blanks perfectly match the specifications of the OEM’s designs and deliver superior performance.

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