Accurate Specialties, Inc. is North America’s leading foundry for solid bronze gear blanks and composite worm gear blanks.

img-cap-and-expertiseWe have the bronze casting capabilities to manufacture gear blanks as small as 1″ in diameter and as large as 50″ in diameter, and we can create gear blanks in casting pour weight up to 6,000 pounds. Our years of experience and manufacturing know-how enable us to produce even the largest bronze gear blanks with high quality to meet our customers’ design specifications.

For over 25 years, Accurate Specialties has focused keenly on bronze gear blanks. By concentrating our expertise on bronze casting, we are able to produce the highest quality centrifugal castchill cast, spuncast composite gear blanks, continuous cast, and shafts in the industry.

When working with bronze, there are a number of alloys available, each with unique characteristics that make it better suited to specific applications. Our expert knowledge of bronze alloys and the advantages they offer is compounded by the state-of-the-art materials lab at our disposal through our corporate parent, The Fisher Barton Group.

Accurate Specialties is North America’s number one provider of bronze gear blanks. Contact us today to learn more about how our bronze casting capabilities and expertise can benefit your power transmission project.