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  1. Materials Spotlight: 917 Tin Bronze

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    Accurate Specialties has been an industry leader in the manufacture of bronze gear blanks in North America since our establishment in 1987. We are pleased to operate as a full-service bronze foundry, and offer support from the beginning of the design process through completion of precisely machined, ready-to-use bronze gear blanks.

    917 Tin Bronze Properties

    917 Tin Bronze is a copper-tin alloy with a particularly high tin content that is frequently used in applications with low speeds and heavy loads. 917’s particular strength, corrosion-resistance, high ductility, and low-wear capabilities make it an excellent option for a number of parts and components, including:

    • Worm and comprise gears
    • High strength bushings
    • Bearings for heavy loads and low-speed applications
    • Steam fittings
    • Piston rings
    • Valve bodies
    • Pump impellers

    Superior 917 Tin Bronze Gear Blanks from Accurate Specialties

    Centrifugally cast bronze gear blankAt Accurate Specialties, we are pleased to provide high-quality, fully machined bronze gear blanks, including gear blanks made from 917 Tin Bronze. With over 30 years of dedicated bronze casting experience, we are North America’s leading bronze gear blank manufacturer. Accurate Specialties is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, so we can guarantee the best in bronze casting products and services. Our specialties include chill casting, centrifugal casting, spuncast gear blanks, and continuous casting.

    Attributes of Bronze Alloys

    Bronze is an alloyed metal typically composed of copper blended with tin. It can also be produced by alloying copper with other metals, such as aluminum and manganese, depending on its intended use.

    Bronze has been employed by humans in a wide range of applications for thousands of years. Bronze was eventually replaced by iron alloys due to the ready availability of iron, but its overall useful characteristics make bronze a commonly used alloy to this day. Bronze is used to make all manner of everyday objects, such as:

    • Sculptures and musical instruments
    • Decorative medals
    • Electrical products
    • Bellows in appliances and HVAC equipment
    • Springs and washers
    • Industrial components
    • Nautical equipment

    As with all alloys, bronze comes in a number of different alloys and grades. The percentage of copper to other metals in the alloy can be adjusted to meet the needs of a given applications.

    Tin bronze, in particular, is valued for its high tensile strength, low lead content, fine-grained texture, friction resistance, and high resistance to fatigue. Its high corrosion resistance makes it useful in marine and chemical applications where iron-based alloys might rust or corrode. In addition, tin bronze’s high ductility ensures that it retains shape even under high stress and repeated pressure.

    The Accurate Specialties Advantage

    Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained specialists ensure that our customers receive the best possible service from engineering design through the completion of the manufacturing process. We offer a high degree of flexibility and our integrated and responsive manufacturing techniques ensure that products are completed to even the most exacting specifications.

    With our top-of-the-line vertical turning center, we are capable of producing large-scale bronze gear blanks with exceptional speed and accuracy, thereby reducing the overall cost of production. In addition to our primary manufacturing services, we are pleased to provide finishing services, including drilling and hole tapping, so that our customers receive finished and ready-to-use products.

    For more information on our exceptional bronze casting products and services, please contact us or request a quote today.