In 1987, The Fisher Barton Group purchased a small business called Accurate Aluminum and Bronze Foundry. Following a name change and a shift in company focus to strictly bronze foundry work, Accurate Specialties, Inc. was born.

ASI building

Since then, we have become North America’s leading bronze gear blank manufacturer. Our innovative, integrated manufacturing supports our specialties in chill casting, centrifugal casting, spuncast gear blanks, and continuous casting. As a full-service bronze foundry, we deliver complete, fully machined, ready-to-hob bronze gear blanks made to exact customer specifications.

Accurate Specialties sets the industry standard for worm gear blank manufacturing. We provide unmatched value, service, and quality through design, alloy selection, casting, and machining.

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The Accurate Advantage

  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Reduced Total Cost
  • Component Reduction
  • Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Engineering Design Assistance
  • Complete Material Integrity
  • Responsive Manufacturing

Timely Responses & Quick Turnarounds

When you contact Accurate Specialties through this website, over the phone, or via email, we take great care to respond as quickly as possible. Whether you’re requesting a quote on a potential new project or have a question about our products or services, we will get back to you right away with the information you need.

Equally important to our success-and to our customers’ success-are our fast production lead times. Whereas other manufacturers or overseas sources often take six to eight weeks or more to complete your project, we can deliver the gear blanks you need in as little as one week. Just as they can’t match the quality of our products, no overseas manufacturer can match the swift turnaround times in which we deliver them.

Ever-Evolving Production Capabilities

As dictated by our Continual Improvement Philosophy and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality System, at Accurate Specialties, “good enough” is never good enough. We’re constantly striving to improve our processes and upgrade our production equipment so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality, most dimensionally accurate gear blanks on the market.

To that end, our state-of-the-art vertical turning center gives us the ability to produce large-scale bronze gear blanks with superior precision and speed. This advanced, 4-axis, CNC-controlled VTC provides unrivaled machining accuracy for complex, tight-tolerance components. And at Accurate Specialties, we stretch that machine’s capabilities by offering Polar Interpolation. With live tooling, it can also perform numerous secondary operations, such as drilling and tapping holes, to add even greater value. We do more of the work so you don’t have to.

Contact Accurate Specialties today for more information about our centrifugal cast, chill cast, continuous cast, spuncast gear blanks, and shafts.