Accurate Specialties, Inc can competitively produce gear shafts, propeller shafts, drive shafts and more.

img-shaftsFurther, we can partner with our sister Fisher Barton spray coatings company, Thermal Spray Technologies (TST) to deliver shafts which last longer, are more corrosion resistant, use lower cost materials, and solve problems like leaking due to seal wear.  If you outsource shaft manufacture, we’d like the opportunity to compete for your business.

Our shaft manufacturing process  employs our Tsune CNC production saw to cut shaft blanks up to 7″ OD x 19.000” Length.   Raw materials include ferrous materials like steel and stainless steel, plus any non- ferrous materials like bronze, aluminum and continuously-cast iron bar.  Cut lengths are fed through Haas and Okuma turning centers which have live tooling to produce the features listed below.

Features and Capabilities

  • Turn to finish
  • Shoulders
  • Journals
  • Grooves
  • Holes
  • Threaded holes
    • Variety of thread profiles including acme
  • OD keyway slots
  • Countersunk holes
  • Counterbored holes
  • ID threading
  • Notches (depending on geometry & materials)
  • Diamond Knurling (depending on geometry & materials)
  • Machined hex head
  • Possible OD splines or shallow hole, axial ID splines
  • “Timed” features
  • Intersecting holes
  • Tapered ends
  • Flats (including machined hex drive)


Special Engineered Surfaces

Coatings, Seals, Non-Slip Surfaces, Thermal Barriers, Heat Dissipative, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, Oxidation Resistance, etc…

Design Parameters

  • Min finished length 4”
  • Max finished length 19”
  • Min finished diameter .75”
  • Max finished diameter 6.875


  • Any standard ferrous or non-ferrous metals

Optional (Outsourced) Features

  • Spline
  • Grinding
  • Heat treat
  • Knurling
  • ID keyway slots

Accurate Specialties is your number one source for superior quality shafts. Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you, or for more information on our shaft manufacturing processes.